Retail Video Surveillance Security System

VisionTek has retail solutions. There are 2 primary purposes for video surveillance in a retail environment to aid in loss prevention, and to gauge the performance of employees. Loss prevention is of primary importance to retailers the retail industry as a whole experiences $30 billion dollars in theft-related losses each year! Of course, up until recently retail CCTV systems have been primarily Analog Systems. Analog systems allow the user to capture images with remote viewing capability, but they have little in the way of additional features or benefits. One exception to this is a PTZ camera, which allows the user to pan 360 degrees, to tilt the camera up and down, and to zoom in on an object or person. VisionTek is one of the industry leaders in PTZ technology, and offers a variety of PTZ options, including an auto-tracking PTZ which senses movement of an object an moves the camera to follow the object or person. Now VisionTek IP technology, which is network based, has given retailers the opportunity to be more successful with their loss prevention programs. Here are some of the ways that an IP or Network system can benefit a loss prevention program:

  1. Higher resolution images
  2. Faster response to suspicious events
  3. Real-time visibility of suspicious individuals
  4. Surveillance abilities can be integrated with POS (Point-of-Sale) software
  5. Video analytics can allow the user to track suspicious individuals or packages throughout the retail environment
  6. Better review capabilities will allow video training of retail employees

These are but a few of the improved benefits that an IP/Network Retail Surveillance solution can bring to a loss prevention program. To find out more about a well designed VisionTek IP solution.