Automatic Number Plate Recognition Module

Automatic Number Plate Recognition ModuleSW-INP-CAM-RTL

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Module SW-INP-CAM-RTL

Monitoring, controlling and managing traffic or  vehicle  fleets  is  critical  for  successful transportation  operations,  for  both  public agencies  and  commercial  companies.  Perhaps  your agency  is  responsible  for law enforcement and must track public and/or government issued vehicles as part of crime reduction efforts. Or perhaps you need to track vehicles and manage onsite car parking spaces and warehouse traffic in real time. To keep your wheels on the road, you need a solution tailored to your specific transportation and traffic challenges.
ANPR module will keep your transportation system on course. Our solution easily interfaces with your existing hardware and software, no matter what type you have. Simple installation, easy setup, and increased accessibility of this module.

Traffic Monitoring
Traffic congestion is a constant challenge for both public services and commercial enterprises. With ANPR Module, there's no need to spend large amounts of time, money and manpower to uncover and solve problems. Intelligent transport and traffic detectors give you the real-time data you need to keep your transportation network in motion and prevent problems before they start.

Automatic License Plate Recognition
Powered with Recognition technologies, the system recognizes and logs car license plates, even on moving vehicles and compares them to a database. It also logs all vehicles that pass through  a specified zone, records an image of the car and plate, and notes the date, registration time, and direction of each vehicle.
Use ANPR to identify stolen or hijacked vehicles, automate transport registration, and provide access control at secured locations. You can even use it to plan out and monitor important parking areas. For automated parking lots, APNR module saves money and provides even more features. Identify vehicle owners, collect payments, and increase security automatically.

A purpose-built open platform for enterprise surveillance which can integrate with industry-standard Video Management Software. We have tested interoperability with all major  Operating System and VMS providers. We continually enhance to integrate possible certifications with multi-domain vendors.


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